About Melissa Steen:

5When my husband and I moved to Moncton during the late summer of 2006, we were pretty sure what God had in store for him (his job brought us here), but we weren’t so sure what God might have in mind for me. I was unable to work for a year since I was and am a US citizen, and my paperwork had not yet been processed. As a result, teaching high school English (my vocation for the 6 years prior to our move) was off the table for awhile.That left me with some time on my hands. I finished my M.Ed. the first few months after we moved, we bought our first house in the bleak midwinter, and I waited patiently for our first child to arrive, which she did in the summer of 2007. To become a mother was and is a real joy in my life. Even more joy arrived two years later in the summer of 2009 when my son was born. After my daughter turned 1, I took a job with this church as the administrative assistant. I enjoyed my job very much, but once my son was born, I really yearned to be home with my two babes for awhile. So that’s what I did for two years–had fun with my children! And of course, I’ll still have lots of fun with them, but now I have yet another part time job with the church!
I’m excited for all the opportunities that await me in this new position, and I’m thrilled that I get to continue working with the youth group which I have been doing since February 2008 when our church launched Youth Alpha, and my husband and I were asked to help lead one of the small groups. We did, and that led me to continue volunteering with the youth group along side my fabulous mentor, Pat Allison. Our youth are a gift from God, and we must intentionally encourage, teach, and listen to them because we never know exactly what influence will be the one that sticks! When I was 15, God confronted me about whether I would truly follow Him or not. I firmly believe that the Holy Spirit worked through my youth group and my family to move me to accept his call to follow Him.
Other passions in my life include reading great books and discussing them with anyone who will talk about them with me, connecting and sharing with other women as we journey life’s path, conversations with my husband, laughing with my children, and a quiet moment or two. I am an enthusiastic supporter of 10,000 Villages, Compassion International, World Vision, and United to End Genocide (formerly Save Darfur Coalition).