Become a Member

If you believe God is leading you to become a member at St. Andrew’s,
you should contact the Pastor, Martin Kreplin at 382-7234, or at There are occasionally “Orientation Seminars” available. The three semiars are stand alone seminars, one hour each and cover the topics of “What is a Presbyterian?” “What is St. Andrew’s all about?” and “Expectations.”
In our tradition, people are first baptized. Infants, upon baptism become “baptized members.” Later in life when people are able to make a competent profession of faith in Jesus Christ with integrity, they become “professing members.”
Often people have a spiritual hunger and thirst, and we are glad to point them in the right direction to find satisfaction in a relationship with Jesus Christ. Sometimes people drift away from the Christian community for any number of reasons, and then return often exploring a different faith tradition. While we don’t encourage people to move from one church to another, there are times when people need a fresh start in a different church, or some help in reconciling with their own church. We believe that the quality and significance of people’s lives is transformed by Jesus Christ.  Wherever you are spiritually we would count it an honour to be of assistance.”