Special Care

Emergent Care
If you are in need of emergency pastoral care, please contact Martin Kreplin @ 382-7234

Prayer Chain

Our Prayer Chain continues to serve our Church Family by bringing before the Lord your Prayer Requests for the needs of family, friends and others – whether it be: illness in the family, bereavement or whatever situation needs extra Prayer. We also have a Confidential Prayer group of four people. If you have a specific Prayer Request click here to send it to our prayer chain.

Pastoral Care

This committee has 13 teams/individuals visiting approximately 21 shut-ins, and it is hoped that we could expand this ministry to include other facets of visiting. If you know of anyone who requires a visit or if you wish to volunteer, please click here. We ask for your continued prayers and support.
Hospital Visits
If you are aware of people in need of visits at the hospital, please contact the pastor,
Martin Kreplin @382-7234